Euro =1 / USD =.85 time to head to Europe

My wife and I have a trip planned to France in February. We’ve had it booked since last Spring so that we can take advantage of some good Winter US Airways Dividend miles reward rates. Since I booked it I’ve watched as the Euro has weakened against the dollar now down to about 1=.85 which is really going to help on shopping and eating I hope. We already have our hotels booked on mostly points but I hope this will really help. It actually may encourage us to shop more than usual and help the Euro. We’ll see.

Anyway this is a good time to go. KLM and several other airlines are running some really good deals on travel right now. It also seems that Delta and United have been doing a little price battle as well. I can’t say now will be the cheapest but it ain’t bad. Much better than a couple years ago.

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