A few of my favorite travel photos

Just sharing a few of my favorite travel photos while I wait for covid travel stabilization. Sure I have some travel coming up. A cruise, road trip, and trying to book a new Europe trip from my AA covid miles stash but on a cold winter day, I like to look back. I’m not a professional photographer so forgive the average quality of some of my photos. Just because they are a favorite doesn’t mean they are the best quality photos in the world. I only had to go as far back as 2019 to find some of my favorites in this edition.

North Shore of Hawaii in 2021
Schipol Airport AMS Dec 2019 (before the covid storm)
Christmas Market in Munich Nov 2019
Denver Colorado August 2019
The Upper Room in Jerusalem 2019
Honduras February 2019
Road trip to Phoenix May 2020 in our 2001 Porsche 911 at the Little Grand Canyon in Arizona

Travel Meeting Backgrounds

Seems like a ton of people have posted zoom or other platform virtual meeting photos so I thought I’d share some of my favorite travel related ones.

United Airlines has several. I prefer the ones that make me look like I’m in a different place instead of just scenery.

credit: United Airlines, of course
Polaris Lounge credit: United Airlines

Here are some cruise ship related ones from Cruise Critic

Credit: CruiseCritic.com

Most hotel chains have posted meeting background wallpaper photos for use. Smart marketing I think and it doesn’t cost them much anyway. Here are some from Montage Hotels

Credit: Montage Hotels

And here are some from Marriott as well.

Credit: Marriott International

So have fun and enjoy. Backgrounds like these aren’t hard to find of course. I felt guilty even posting this because you can just Google your favorite brand, location, etc. for meeting or zoom backgrounds and you will find a ton of all types of subjects so have a little fun.

Credit: Air France

Travel in my own Backyard

Sometimes you go very far to travel. I’ve been on 17 hour flights to Asia and 35+ hour transits from the USA to the Middle East but other times you can find fun in your own backyard.

On a recent snowy day I went for a run down a local rails to trails path here in Ottawa Kansas and managed to take a few photos I thought I’d share here. Why? Well because it’s my blog and even with heavy snow and a wet camera they came out fairly decent.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. They really don’t reflect how heavy the snow was coming down.