Links I Really Like

We all know there are links or favorites you “like” and then there are links or favorites you REALLY “LIKE!!!” Well this area is where I am going to post links that I at least sort of Really “LIKE” and will attempt to keep it short and a reason for each.  I will try to update this as well from time to time as I find new stuff. I will try to set these to open in a new tab as well so you don’t loose your place #easynavigation

So first is my favorite travel agent. I promise she will get you a good deal. She loves Europe, Loves cruises, river cruises and Loves to find cheap deals but she can help book you anywhere in the world. There is no cost so click away.

Cruises and Castles Travel

Here is another great website it is the Reddit site for award travel. Hard to beat he open Reddit community for searching for award advice. There is also a separate Reddit area for credit card churning and also for general travel. So here it is:

Reddit Award Travel

Here is another favorite. He used to post 5 days a week but unfortunately has cut this back to once per month. Still good though.


There are several sites like the following one that advise on the best shopping portal to use but I just like this one the best:

Cashback Monitor

Airline Seat Selector. There are others but none a good as:


And a bit of self promotion. I run a very private small group tour business. The main focus is Israel and also Europe but will work in others as they come up. These are groups of usually 6 to 8 max. A way to avoid the big tour bus crowds moving at the speed of the slowest person. Offer flexibility and still try to keep the price close to the big box/bus tours. You can book just 1 or 2 people or the whole tour for your family or group. I look it as a way to make new friends and show old friends new places.

Check it out at: