Extra TopBonus Airberlin miles for booking online

AirBerlin’s Topbonus program has a promo right now where you can earn an extra 1 mile per Euro spent booking on airberlin.com.

Many airlines give you a extra mile per dollar or euro, etc. for booking with a credit card but this is an extra mile for booking and paying for extras on their website in addition to the flying or BISM “butt in seat miles” you’ll earn on the flights. You have to register on airberlin.com with this link and then you need to be logged into the site when booking. Not a bad way to earn a few extra Topbonus miles.  This  promo is good through 3-31-15 and you have to register.

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This does not appear to be targeted but that is a possibility. Also I don’t get any credit, kickback, etc. for these links. Just FYI.

If your not a member of Topbonus already it’s not a bad program and is part of the One World Alliance so the rewards flow over to or from American, British Airways, etc.

I would suggest you log in first in another tab before you click the link or it will prompt you to do so. Once you click the link you will get this super happy German lady urging you to sign up for the promo. Click it once your logged in and it will confirm it on the screen.

Maybe not the biggest deal in the frequent flyer world but it all add up. If you plan to book with Airberlin you can’t hardly lose on this I don’t think.

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