$25 United Airlines Gift Cards on My Coke Rewards

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This redemption on My Coke Rewards http://www.mcr.com is now available today to Silver members. The Southwest card must be sold out.

Not really a good value since it cost 1750 points. They offered this back in 2014 for 625 points. Neither was a good deal as you can’t combine them and they can only be used for tickets and fees so no on-board purchases, etc.

However…..if you have a ton of MCR points and are planning on buying a United ticket soon you might get a little value out of this, maybe.

The Southwest card was about the same value in my opinion.

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VacationsToGo and some Cruise lines you may not know about

I love taking cruises. It only hurts that my day job doesn’t allow me to go on many more cruises. One of my favorite places to search for cruises is Vacationstogo¬†(I don’t get a kickback from them) but I am a big fan. It really helps me dream of my next trip but also do a ton of research. They are great. You do have to register by giving them your email address but it’s well worth it. They have a ton of search ability.


Basically just enter your dates and where you want to go or use the “90 day ticker” and it will pull up the options.

90 Day Ticker

They even have some odd cruise lines you may not know very well like this Astor cruise example. Can you imagine 38 night cruise for $3,009 per person. Not bad.

cruise example

One of the ones I’ve been looking into lately is Pulmantur which is a Spanish line with many options.¬†Pullmantur Cruises is a Spanish cruise line that offers cruises to a mostly Spanish-speaking clientele. Spanish is the primary language onboard but many staff members also speak English. English-speaking guests looking to immerse themselves in the Spanish may enjoy cruises with Pullmantur. The Spanish link is here Pullmantur.es


Another lesser known cruise line is AIDA. Apparently they are owned by some other cruise investors. It is a German speaking cruise line that you won’t find on VacationsToGo.


Another lesser known cruise line is the UK line Thomson Cruise Lines. They are a UK based line with various ships and options for mainly English speaking clients. The are affiliated with Thomson Airways and have some interesting options for veteran cruisers that can sail from the UK.

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These are just a few options out there if your tired of the run of the mill Carnival, NCL, type cruises or if your a veteran cruiser and are looking for some other options. A word of warning that these can be a bit more adventurous and typically the ships are a little older ships that they obtained from the big guys. Some of these ships are smaller which allows for unique port calls also.

I’ll try to follow up this post with some more cruise lines in the future. Oh and I don’t get kick backs from any of these links in case your wondering. Enjoy.