GJT airport Grand Junction Colorado

So I had business this week in Western Colorado and had the chance to fly American Airlines from DFW on this route. As a lowly Gold with AA even I was upgraded so that was nice. 

GJT airport is rather small but very nice and good service from employees and TSA I think. I’ve posted a few pictures below. On arrival we used the jetbridge but on departure we boarded by stairs. Sorry some photos are better than others. 

Gate 1 sits by itself while Gates 2 to 5 are in a little pod up the hall. 

De ice and ready to roll.

Not bad GJT keep up the great work. !

One thought on “GJT airport Grand Junction Colorado

  1. Been through there many many times even before there was a Subway downstream of the checkpoint. Super efficient TSA folks. Were the PA announcements still blasted at 200 decibels?

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