Quick tip. Save 10% on British Airways bookings

Little known benefit still remains in 2015 for Chase BA card holders.

You can save 10% on purchased tickets through the BA.Com/Chase10 link.

Some details:

10% off when you book through ba.com/Chase10:

  • discount is off the total cost of the fare (including taxes, fees, and carrier charges)
  • choose from any of British Airways 180 worldwide destinations or OpenSkies from NY to Paris.
  • travel in any cabin — World Traveller, World Traveller Plus, Club World, First, Eco, Prem Plus, Biz Bed
  • book up to eight friends and family members travelling on the same flight

This offer has been around for at least 2 years and should go through at least 12-31-15 according to BA. I’m not sure how great it is compared to other OTA deals but hey 10% might help. The big challenge is they must be on BA operated flights from what I understand.

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